Above Ground Pool Decks

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    Why Call the Professionals?

    When it comes to an above ground pool deck, DIY projects may seem enticing but there are serious possible complications that may arise. When building an above ground deck, our professionals will scope out the area, build a solid foundation, and offer a variety of different materials that can add to the landscape of your backyard. We receive materials not offered to the general public and we offer those materials at affordable prices. Our team is equipped with the tools, machinery, and knowledge of design and installation. We offer:

    • High-quality materials
    • Low and affordable rates
    • Licensed professionals
    • Knowledgeable designers
    • And so much more!

    Benefits of Above Ground Pool Decks

    Having a naked above ground pool in your backyard can feel boring, aesthetically unappealing, and just not exciting! Adding a professionally built above ground pool deck for your above ground pool creates an inviting and much more attractive atmosphere.

    Pool Deck Materials

    When you have a professionally built above ground pool deck built, we offer different pool deck materials to choose from. You are never limited to one to one design with our professional deck builders. Choices like natural wood, composite, aluminum, and so much more are possible with professionals on your side. Above ground pool decks may seem less conventional; however, material-wise they are much more versatile.

    Adding Safety

    When an above ground pool is left without a fence, a surrounding barrier, or heavy cover that can bear the weight of a child, the pool is dangerous. When you hire a professional deck building company you are ensuring the above ground pool deck is made safer for others. A properly installed deck can act as a barricade with a deck fence around the perimeter of the deck. The materials used to build an above ground deck can also be made with materials that are heat and slip-resistant. The possibilities are endless.

    Deck Aesthetics

    An above-ground pool, without a professionally built above the ground pool deck, are just not attractive! Very few above ground pools have an exterior that looks remotely nice and they do not compliment the rest of your backyard landscape. A well-designed deck can add beauty and detail to not only your landscape but to the rest of your home, complementing the actual architecture of your home. We offer different materials and unique designs that can add beauty and value to your home.

    Create a Functional Space

    Adding a pool deck around your above ground pool gives you a space to entertain friends/family, set up chairs for relaxation, and protect the surrounding land from pool water, avoiding muddy situations. Protect the grass around your home from pool chemicals as well, leaving your backyard prospering.

    Add Value to Your Home

    If you ever decide to move, leaving an above ground setting of a pool and pool deck will increase the overall interest and value of your home. Having a usable space for friends and family to gather creates a highly desirable home for prospective buyers.
    With a professionally built above the ground pool deck, you will certainly have a higher return for your investment.


    Above Ground Pool Deck Services

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Find your questions and answers below! If you still don’t see the answers to your questions, call our professionals to learn more.

    Can you be sure to install low maintenance materials for my deck?

    We have a variety of possible materials that can be used for your deck. We utilize vinyl, composite, aluminum, but we also use cedarwood and other hardwoods. All materials offer their benefits that our professionals can talk in detail with you during their in-person consultation.

    How long does a typical installation take?

    All of our installations are dependent on multiple factors. Depending on the scope and the complexity of the installation, our process can take 1 to 4 weeks. For large, complex, and unique decks the process can be extended.

    How much will the installation cost?

    There multiple factors that are considered when averaging a cost for your above ground pool deck. Things like materials, size, and qualities required can all affect the cost of the deck. When our technician meets you in person, a better quote can be given, and a more accurate design can be explained. For more information on cost, call our customer service team members.

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