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Here in Grand Rapids, we know how important it is to have a company that is honest, licensed, and offers a warranty. Our team is the best in the business because our contractors are bonded and insured. We only hire the best of the best who have great experience and even better techniques and methods when building new decks. When you’re ready to upgrade your home, change the aesthetic of the area, or increase your property value, call us.



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    multi tiered deck building

    Why Hire a Professional?

    These days DIY projects have become increasingly popular; however, when it comes to your multi-tier deck you should harbor some hesitation! A multi-tier deck requires installing ledgers for each level, laying beams and joints, building appropriately sized stairs, installing railing, adding skirting, and more. These details are all equally important when designing a functional and long-lasting multi-tier deck, meaning, this is not for the faint of heart. Our professionals will save you time and money by:

    • Providing their equipment and tools
    • Working quickly and efficiently
    • Knowing permits and regulations
    • Designing and preparing the site
    • Providing a strong warranty

    Benefits of Multi-Tier Decks

    Adding a deck to any home quickly increases its property value but adding a multi-tier deck change’s everything! A professional deck like this increases beauty, property value, aesthetic appeal, and the overall feel of your backyard.

    multi tiered deck building Grand Rapids

    Create “Rooms”

    By adding layers to your deck you can create designated spots where different amenities are present. One layer can have a fire pit, one can have an outdoor table, and another can be equipped with chairs and lights. Whatever you decide for your layers just perfect! This will give you and your household to enjoy being outside together while still having enough space for “alone time.”

    multi tiered deck construction Grand Rapids

    Direct Traffic

    Have you ever hosted a party or event where it felt like no one ever left? A multi-tier deck can change that! By adding the layers to the deck, you can increase the number of space people have to congregate outside which ultimately makes others feel like the party is coming to an end as people begin to leave. During gatherings, a multi-tier deck is fantastic at keeping the interior of your home clean by keeping everyone outside! The entertainment possibilities are truly endless.

    multi tiered patio

    Property Value

    By adding dimensional details to your home you are easily increasing the property value. Having a professionally designed and installed multi-level deck can seem costly but the rewards far exceed the costs. By adding to the already beautiful exterior to your home, and increasing the overall square footage of the home, you are ensuring that you receive more than you spent on the installation, to begin with. Don’t wait to call us, call now.

    multi tiered patio Grand Rapids


    Have your guests eat and play outside during the cool and comfortable months. By adding a multi-tiered deck, you are increasing your ability to entertain larger and larger groups of people in one area. The best part about entertaining in the backyard is your home stays clean and most areas stay undisturbed. If you’re someone who enjoys entertaining others in your home a multi-tier deck can only add to your life.

    multi tiered porch

    Children and Adult Fun

    Sometimes we just need a break from kids playing indoors! The best place to send them to explore and play is a multi-tiered deck where they can use their imaginations in a safe and controlled environment. Adding a deck gives you your own space while creating a fun and spacious play area for your children and friends.


    Residential Multi-Tier Deck Services

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Find the answers to your questions here below! If you can’t find your questions and answers be sure to call our professionals for more information.

    What type of customizations can you add to my deck?

    We can add built-in benches and corner posts! Some of our clients with small children and pets have had protective gates installed to keep them from going onto lower levels. There is a lot of flexibility to our designs and you can always add in extra details that best suit you like plants, furniture, etc.

    I want a maintenance-free deck, what material do I need?

    Unfortunately, just like everything else in life, there is no such thing as a house material that can go 100% ignored over the years. Low maintenance materials are very possible and those can include strong woods and sealed off decks that are resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew damage. The best material can be determined once you speak with our professionals.

    What is composite decking?

    This is a man-made material composed of recycled wood fibers, plastic, and more. This is the best option for a low-maintenance longer-lifespan deck.

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