Detached Decks

Here at Deck Builder Grand Rapids, we are dedicated to our clients and their needs. We are a team with decades of experience, knowledge, and expertise in building new decks for your home. Our company offers incredible benefits, opportunities, and warranty for everyone we work with. Don’t trust just anyone with the safety, structuring, or design of your new deck! Call the professionals.



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    Why Hire A Professional Team?

    Building a deck takes more precision and attention to detail than most people realize. Our professionals are well equipped because of their personal experiences, licensure, and professional training. Your deck needs to be safe, durable, and long-lasting, so call our team! Call us because we will:

    • Complete the task quickly
    • Come prepared with tools and materials not offered in stores
    • Inform you of the best materials for your deck and home
    • Offer affordable prices for high-end materials
    • Save you time and money

    Benefits of a Detached Deck

    Here at Deck Builder Grand Rapids we will ensure all of these benefits apply to all of our clients.

    Have it Built Wherever

    The versatility of decks stems much deeper than just its appearance possibilities! When building a freestanding you can decide where in your backyard the deck is built, which way the designs are facing, and what type of material best meets your wants. Having a detached deck allows our professionals to help you decide what the best materials and what the best positioning of your new deck will be. We ensure the possibilities are endless.

    Home Expansion Possibilities

    When we build attached decks for our clients they are limited in future renovation and expansion projects for their homes. Attached decks, on uncompleted homes, can create a limited amount of space for families that are still growing. Detached decks give you the freedom to expand and change the design and layout of your home.


    Detached decks are incredibly cost-effective for many of our clients who are on a strict budget. With a free-standing deck, you do not need the extra materials that are needed to attach decks to your home. Extra materials like joist hangers and deck ledger boards add to your receipt and labor costs. Our team will also not need to build any type of drainage system for your deck! All of these small details are important and reduce the cost of your deck installation.

    Relaxation and Ease

    A detached deck allows many of our clients to relax! When you need a spot away from home but can’t leave your home, a free-standing deck is the best option. Set up the deck in any way you need to find solace and relaxation. Our detached deck designs help our clients find spots where they can gather their thoughts and close their eyes without consistent interruption from the rest of the family.

    Design and Materials

    When building a deck that is not attached to your home you are opening yourself up to the possibility of using any material you find fit. Composite materials, brick, etc. do not need to match or be attached to your home. Your deck's height is another factor that does not need to be considered with your home! Detached decks open design and materials possibilities for all of our clients and allow our professionals to be open with their creativity.


    Detached Decks in Grand Rapids

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Find your questions and answers below! If you still don’t have the answers, you’re looking for please give our team a call today.

    How much does a typical deck cost?

    There isn’t ever a typical deck because all of our clients have different requests in design and materials. Square footage, features, and designs all affect the end price of our decks and the best way to get a price here is to call our customer service team.

    How long will it take you to build my deck?

    This is not a simple answer for any deck building company because there are different materials and features that require different amounts of time. Two weeks can be a good starting point but for large projects, the time could be longer.

    How can I get a unique deck design?

    We don’t deliver pre-made decks! Our professionals help you design and build a unique deck that resembles everything you want and everything you’re looking for. We give all of our clients the option to choose from different shapes, patterns, materials, and designs that will make their decks unique.

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