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Here at Decking Builder Grand Rapids, we believe everyone, and every home deserves to have a properly built and long-lasting deck. Our team of professionals will help you determine what materials are best for your home deck and what type of design will complement your home's structure the best! Don’t trust just anyone with your deck surface!



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    Attached deck contractor

    Why Hire Professionals?

    Attached decks are one project that many homeowners believe they can do on their own; however, decks should be properly built and professionally designed. A poorly built deck can be fatal to anyone in your household. Our team is also trained, licensed, and experienced in building new structures. We will work quickly and efficiently for all of our clients! Our company offers many different material choices for your deck and many different designs to help make your deck more efficient and long-lasting. We offer that and more!
    By hiring our team you’re getting professionals that will offer you:

    • Affordable services
    • A strong warranty
    • Long-lasting decking results
    • Licensed, insured, and experienced experts
    • Skilled professionals
    • 100% customer satisfaction

    Benefits and Materials of an Attached Deck

    What are the best materials? What will I gain? These are just a couple of the many questions our clients have when discussing an attached residential deck. We offer explanations and more about our services and everything you will gain.

    Attached deck construction
    Increase Home Value

    It is estimated that a beautifully constructed and sturdy deck can increase a home’s value by over 85.4%. If you ever intend on selling your home and want to increase your profits a deck is the best way to do it. Have a professional team install a deck with quality long-lasting materials that will improve the overall look and feel of your home.

    Attached deck Building
    Low Maintenance & Inexpensive

    Cleaning and maintaining your deck is not like cleaning and maintaining a new kitchen design or installation! It is much easier to clean, treat, and install. Don’t hesitate to improve your home's aesthetic with a deck because of fear the money isn’t worth it. The price for improving your home is low, especially when compared to other home improvement projects.

    Attached deck construction Grand Rapids
    Composite Material

    These materials are fantastic for homeowners who are looking to make eco-friendly choices. Wood composites are created from recycled plastics and wood fibers that are known for their softness and durability. The best part about these decks is that they do not need a sealant! They can also be cleaned easily, thus reducing maintenance to simply rinsing the surface off, to ensure mold/mildew does not grow on the surface.
    16 Tropical Hardwoods

    Attached deck Building Grand Rapids
    Tropical Hardwoods

    This material is not one you use for a DIY! It is incredibly dense and difficult to install; however, it is the strongest and longest-lasting material making it an incredible material for a long-lasting deck. These decks will maintain their value over the years and well into their resale years. If you’re looking for a sturdy wood and you know resale is possible, a tropical wood deck is a material you’re looking for.

    Attached deck contractor Grand Rapids Michigan
    Redwood & Cedar

    These are considered to be softer woods that are the middle ground in price compared to pressure-treated wood and tropical wood materials. One of the most popular reasons our clients enjoy redwood and cedar decks is because the surface does not require any chemical preservatives. The wood surface will maintain its beauty for years after installation and provide a strong and dutiful alternative to its more expensive counterparts.


    Residential Attached Decks

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Find your questions and answers below! If you’re still looking for more information, call our team today for more information.

    Do I have to use pressure-treated wood?

    Pressure-treated wood decks are very popular and make great materials! However, they are not the only choice. There are different materials that best suit your lifestyle and design choices that our team can go over with you if that is needed. You are not stuck to one type of wood.

    What kind of maintenance will be required for my deck?

    Most decks are relatively low on the maintenance scale and rarely require in-depth cleanings. Common maintenance that our clients take includes rinsing their decks, sealants, and possible algae removal maintenance. The type of maintenance you will perform will depend on the material you choose for your deck.

    Can you customize the deck and design?

    Of course! Our professionals can help design a deck that complements your home and adds a level of functionality that only a new deck could do.

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