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Having a residential deck for your home is one of the best additions any home can have. With a professionally built deck, you reap all of the benefits of enjoyment without any of the difficulties of having to build one. Our team has 25-years of combined experience, meaning, we are here to take care of you and all of your decking needs. As a professional group of technicians, our team is licensed, bonded, and insured. We provide the highest quality materials for the lowest prices. Don’t trust just anyone with your deck, call our team now to get started.



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    Why hire a professional team?

    DIY projects are fun and can be a creative outlet for many. When it comes to remodeling your home deck, you should call the professionals. It takes planning, special tools, and a license to be able to provide an adequate structure for a home. Our team does more than just provide an adequate remodeling job, we provide custom designs, unique new details, and repairs that will rejuvenate your deck. We are prepared with the proper tools, equipment, and materials, so sit back and let the professionals remodel your deck!

    • We are licensed, bonded, and insured.
    • Our professionals are well-equipped.
    • Our services are affordable.
    • We have over two decades of experience.
    • We are quick & experienced.

    Benefits of Residential Deck Remodeling

    You don’t have to tear out your deck, you don’t have to settle for a weak or unattractive deck, etc. We will provide the best remodeling job for the lowest price in Grand Rapids because our professionals are dedicated to 100% customer service and satisfaction.

    Add Safety

    When we remodel your deck, you can add safety features you didn’t think about during the initial installation. Aside from details like railings and adding grip to the surface, we will ensure that loose boards or steps are removed or tightened. Accidents are bound to happen on a deck that is not meeting safety codes for your area. Let us fix, repair, and update your deck with our designs!

    Add Lower Maintenance Materials

    There are better and updated materials that we can always change and add to your deck to make maintenance lower or nonexistent. Remove delicate paints and replace them with stronger longer-lasting brands. Have weatherproof materials used on your deck if it lacks a deck cover and so much more.

    Create a Gathering Spot

    When your deck is old, disheveled, and/or unappealing in any way, it can become a difficult place for friends and family to want to gather. Let us remodel your deck, turn it into a safe space for your loved ones to gather and enjoy the outdoors and your home. Add deck furniture, a grill, and a table to enjoy the company of the people who care for you most.

    Upgrade the Aesthetics

    Curb appeal is important and if you’re ever planning on selling your home having a strong, durable, and maintainable deck will pique the interest of prospective buyers. Add an aesthetic flair to your home with a remodeled deck by our professionals to spark admiration for your deck. Let us help you add color, materials, and details that are distinct from your home.

    Enjoy the Outdoors

    Having a well-constructed deck, that is also visually appealing, and sturdy entices individuals to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy the outdoors. You can grill, host friends/family, and enjoy some quiet time alone on your deck. The possibilities for entertainment and enjoyment are unlimited on a remodeled deck.


    Deck Remodeling

    Need your residential deck remodeled? Call our professionals right now to learn more about all of the potential ways we can remodel your deck.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Find the answers to your questions below! If you don’t see your question or an answer that puts your mind at ease, call our customer service team, and learn more.

    What are some benefits I will gain with a custom remodeling job?

    Fixing up your residential deck will makeup your backyard space! Our designs and custom additions will provide a return in investment. Our ability to turn your deck into a space you want to spend time in is a major benefit for you and your family. You will love our final product for your home! Trust the professionals and allow us to enhance your home.

    Are there different materials you all can use to remodel my deck?

    There is an array of different materials that will suit your fancy provided by our company. We can update and remodel with treated pine, cedarwood, composite wood, and so much more. We can discuss the best material for your home and your design after an in-person meeting.

    What type of material should I choose?

    When choosing the best material for your deck remodel project, it is important to remember, this is a commitment for a long-term design, not something that is changed by the snap of a finger. Ask yourself, what look am I going for? What is my budget? Is this material best for the climate I live in? Is the durability up to my lifestyle? The best material for you will be different from anyone else’s based on your answers to these questions?

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