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The Pergola - Defined

Are you looking to add a high selling point to your home? Or, are you needing an upgrade to the exterior portion of your home? Our team has licensed and experienced contractors ready to help you enhance the overall look and feel of your home. With high-quality materials and affordable prices on your side, our company is the one you want to work on your side. Our professionals have decades of combined experience in design, building, and installation.

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    How a Pergola Adds Value and Why They Are So Popular

    With as much time as we spend at home, we often look at our personal space to inspire us. If you love spending time outdoors and want to uplevel your outdoor experience, a pergola is one way to go. Not only will you love its aesthetic, but you'll find all kinds of reasons to share the space with family and friends regularly.

    A pergola in Grand Rapids has the power to completely change the look of your home and how it functions. Here are some additional benefits of adding a Pergola to your home's outdoor area.

    • Defining Your Outdoor Space - Use it for entertaining or family night.
    • Privacy - A pergola can offer privacy for conversations and sunbathing.
    • Get Green - Pergolas are a great structure to add plants and flowers to.
    • Protection - Block the sun or take rain cover with a new pergola.
    • Value - Real estate professionals say pergolas are a value add.
    • Aesthetically Appealing - Your new space may inspire you to get out more often or take up a new hobby like painting.

    Top Reasons to Add a Pergola at Your Home

    Now that you know about some of the homeowner benefits of having a pergola, we thought we would share some of our thoughts. Below you'll find our top five reasons why we feel pergolas are a great investment.


    Each one of us has a lifestyle and a unique way we utilize our homes. We feel this is an important factor to consider as you work through the process of planning your pergola. We understand that you want something that not only looks great but adds to your home life. Pergolas are customizable, so you can work with our Grand Rapids pergola team to figure out things like size, color, materials, and overall look. If you have a smaller family, you might want something smaller and chic. Some of our clients had us build pergolas big enough to hold a small wedding under. The choice is yours and we work with you through the customization process.

    Innovative Design

    Just as home decor and furnishings change, so do styles of pergolas and outdoor spaces. We stay up to speed on these shifting trends. You will get a pergola that is classic enough to never go out of style, but also innovative in design, so your home feels current. Our company and crews have to stay on top of these trends to ensure we give clients precisely what they want. Further, we are always open to your suggestions and ideas. This is your pergola, and our goal is that your design is the right fit for you and your family.

    Quality Materials

    Everything from our manufacturers to our onsite process is created to give you the highest quality product for the price. What this means is, we have to source materials that can withstand outdoor elements and hold up over the years. Our crews are highly trained and also work relentlessly to give you a superior result. There are plenty of companies that don't take the time we do in research and development, leaving their customers with poorly built structures. We aim to build a quality product the first time so you can enjoy it and make memories under it, year after year.

    A Touch of Luxury

    In days gone by, the pergola was something that only the affluent neighbors could afford. Many homeowners had to make the most of cheap metal awnings or pre-packaged kits that comprised of a few metal poles and some canvass. Today, adding a pergola in Grand Rapids is doable for many homeowners, and they add a good bit of luxury to your property. Just think of all the amazing conversations with good friends and glasses of wine you'll share once your project is complete.

    Add Additional Details

    The pergola is the ideal structure to add textures and greenery to. We have seen some homeowners complete the space with pull-down shades for added sun protection. Another great look is adding outdoor drapes to the corners giving you the ultimate private space for cozy date nights under the stars. Our green thumb clients hang latticework for vines and build in flower troughs to help the structure blend into the natural landscape. We have even seen some clients add basic outdoor kitchens and chandeliers to really make the space an extension of their home.


    Build a Pergola in Grand Rapids With Us

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We understand you might have some questions about building a pergola, you can always call us anytime to ask those questions, but here are some we get regularly.

    Can you build a pergola around the flow of my home?

    We can. In fact, your home is often an inspiration for how we should build and design your pergola. We can take architectural cues from how it's constructed or what it looks like.

    Can my pergola have a full coverage roof?

    Absolutely. The full roof option is becoming more popular as we become more concerned about our wellbeing under the hot sun.

    Are your pergolas strong?

    In this industry, building a solid pergola is a major priority for our teams and company. Not only from a safety factor, but we know this pergola needs to stand the test of time.

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