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Deck Builder Grand Rapids has been dedicated to growing and learning innovative ways to improve your deck construction experiences. We have been working with residential clients throughout Grand Rapids for a combined total of 25 plus years! Not only are our professionals licensed, we offer warranty, and we’re insured. Our company takes precautions to ensure our clients are taken care of every step of the way.

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    Why Should You Hire Professionals

    We understand that sometimes our clients want to undertake home improvement projects; however, a garage deck is not and should never be one of those projects. Serious safety concerns, building codes, and local laws need to be researched before any construction along with true expertise and knowledge on deck building. A deck on the rooftop of anything needs weigh an appropriate amount, needs to securely install, and should be reinforced with materials and techniques only professionals have the training and access too. Call the professionals because:

    • DIY garage decks can be dangerous
    • Safety codes and laws may be violated without proper research
    • We come with all of the tools and necessary gear
    • As a team, we work quickly and efficiently
    • Our company offers materials and prices only found with us

    Benefits of Garage Deck’s

    Why should you consider a deck on your garage top? Find the incredible benefits of a residential rooftop garage below! For more information call our professionals or head over to our home page to learn about all of our services.

    Bird’s Eye View

    Most of the time, our clients have only been on a rooftop deck when they’ve been to apartment buildings or hotels. Our team can help transform your idea and view on a regular backyard deck into a dream and fulfilled desire by constructing a rooftop deck right for your home. Take a different view of your surroundings by sitting on a deck on your garage rooftop, look at the stars with a little more clarity at night, and watch the sunrises and sunsets differently from your deck. Enjoy incredible views from the privacy of your deck.

    Expand Your Home

    Add square footage to your already beautiful home by creating and designing an outdoor rooftop deck. Create a cozy living area, with comfortable furniture and entertainment options, right outside on your roof. Enjoy the space with family or alone, either way, you are adding an extra amount of living space that can be utilized by everyone.

    Elements of Design

    Regardless of your design and architectural style, our abilities can help guide your vision. Whether you’re looking for a standard deck, rustic appeal, minimalist sensation, or a modern elegance, we can help with all of it. Our team is skilled, trained, and able to help you find the best materials and designs that will create a safe and long-lasting garage deck.

    More Ways Than One

    Create a little garden on your garage deck surface, add furniture to create a getaway, or transform the space into one that friends and family can enjoy. An outdoor rooftop deck for your home can take on different meanings for different times of the week! Enjoy privacy from the rest of your family with friends on the deck. Whatever you’re looking to use your garage deck for, our team can help design and build your vision.

    Home Value

    Deck’s for residential homes are common but rooftop decks aren’t. A garage deck can create an added layer of individuality and unique comfort for future prospective buyers. A well-constructed deck will raise your property value tremendously. Not only do decks add more space for family and privacy, but decks create more square footage for growing families. Adding a deck to the roof of your garage opens doors and possibilities you haven’t even thought of.


    Garage Deck’s Here in Grand Rapids

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below, find your questions and your answers! If you still need more information or don’t feel satisfied, please call our professionals.

    How much will my garage deck cost?

    Over the phone our team can't give you an accurate estimate. Every deck is different for some obvious reasons and some less obvious ones. All of our clients request different materials, different design possibilities, and want different sizes, so the price will all depend on size, materials, and details.

    How long will it take for you to finish my garage deck?

    Once we establish what the laws, codes, and safety issues can be for building the deck on your particular roof we will begin work. We work efficiently and quickly so your deck can be done within 2 weeks or longer. Things like weather delays out of our control can change this time.
    28 Is composite an option for a rooftop deck?

    Is composite an option for a rooftop deck?

    Composite materials are made from recycled materials and those materials range from plastics bags, milk jugs, and recycled vinyl/aluminum. The option is available for our clients; however, we will need to establish if your roof can handle the materials appropriately.

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